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Frank Lampard .. Frank Lampard’s twin, who trained him and made him a legend!

“He who resembles his father, what is unjust” .. a saying that applies in the literal sense to the English star Frank Lampard, who played for Chelsea all his life and made himself one of the most important football legends in his country.

He achieved many achievements with the Blues before playing for a short period with Manchester City and then New York City, before retiring and coaching Derby County, then Chelsea and now Everton.

This is Frank Lampard that we know, and Frank, who is not known by many fans of the game, is his father, who resembles him in a way that may make them twins, and he also has the same name with the addition of the nickname “Senior” to distinguish the young Lampard from the old.

The great Lampard did not possess the fame of his son, but he created another legend for him with the London team, West Ham.

Football Breathing Family

ONLY GERMANY Frank Lampard West Ham 2000Images

The great Frank Lampard, now 73 years old, had a long playing career that started with West Ham youth in 1965, and left the London club entirely in 1985 to Southend United before retiring only a year later.

Young Lampard was more successful than his father, owning 4 FA Cups, winning the Champions League once and winning the English Premier League 3 times with Chelsea.

The Frank we know is famous for scoring goals as he scored 210 goals and assisted 145 goals in 647 matches despite being a midfielder and not a striker or winger.

As for the father, he played at left-back, and played more than 700 games with West Ham and only twice with the England national team and won the FA Cup twice.

cruel treatment

The young Lampard said of his father’s upbringing: “It was much more difficult than the way I was raised, my father lost his father when he was very young and had to fight to become a footballer, so he carries the old school attitude very strongly.”

He explained: “He would yell at me a lot when I was 12 or 13 years old, and then I would go home crying to my mother, who was trying to calm me down with cake or candy.”


He continued, “This may have caused me to be a fat kid, but her intention was to calm things down, so the balance was balanced in our home, my father treats me very hard and my mother prefers gentle treatment sometimes.”

He continued: “Their way has shaped my life not only in football terms but in my whole life, he took me as a project and a challenge to try to make me a professional footballer, and I always had to impress him when it came to football.”

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Frank Lampard ChelseaGetty

The big Lampard watched almost every game his son played over the course of his 13-year Chelsea career at Stamford Bridge.

The young son was initially influenced by his father’s career and wanted to follow in his footsteps but according to the British newspaper “The Sun”, the Lampard family wanted him to get the best education possible first.

He was sent to a private school in Essex before leaving school in 1994 with very high grades, which came with a score later when Chelsea tested Lampard’s IQ with a score of over 150.

In 1996, Lampard’s uncle Harry Redknapp was working as a coach at West Ham, and he was assisted by Frank Sr., to give the young son his first start against Coventry City after he had grown up in West Ham youth like his father.

It was natural for the accusation of favoritism due to these family ties, a coach and his brother helping him and little Lampard on the field, to show some doubts about the young son who turned out to be better than his father by stages.

Perhaps the only time that favoritism was evident, when Harry Redknapp helped appoint Lampard as coach of Derby County, where he nominated him for club president Mel Morris, but he turned expectations again and led the team to qualify for the English Premier League.

He surpassed his idol

Jamie Redknapp LiverpoolGetty

Lampard grew up in a distinguished football family, as his cousin was Jimmy Redknapp who played under his father Harry at Bournemouth when he was 16 years old.

Lampard said about him: “In my beginnings, Jimmy was four years older than me and one of the most important players in Liverpool.

Jamie said about Frank in statements reported by the British “The Sun”: “We played together for the England national team against Belgium on October 10, 1999, it was a very different match from the matches we were playing in the back garden in Bournemouth, and it was a special confrontation for our family and everyone was watching it from the stands.” .

And if we look at Jamie’s career with Tottenham, Liverpool and Southampton, we will also find that the little Lampard has outdone everyone in terms of individual and collective numbers, as Jamie contented himself with the European Super Cup, the Domestic Super Cup and the FA Cup.

turning point

Young Frank Lampard should thank West Ham for sacking his father, as it was the turning point in his life that put him on the right track as one of the most important players of his generation.

The departure of Lampard Sr., along with Redknapp, prompted the then young England youth captain to take the most important step of his life, moving to Chelsea for £12m in 2001 after a loan spell at Swansea City.

The Chelsea legend said of the departure of his father and uncle at the time: “I feel very moved and I was always thinking about sacking, I didn’t know it was on the table and I didn’t know anything so I was shocked.”

He added: “I went to my mother and as I was heading towards the door she yelled at me, ‘They fired them’. That’s how I found out.”

He continued: “It was a terrible experience, and it is the kind of thing that makes up your opinion about your desire to stay at the club, West Ham has been the team of my life since I started training with you at the age of eight. the win”.

His father’s coaching career may have come to an end by now and he’s only appeared in the stands to watch his son as this has become his eternal job, but his son has avenged him in the best possible way after his career flourished at Stamford Bridge.

He also avenged himself and his father and uncle from the Hammers in particular, by defeating the Hammers in 25 matches out of 22, scoring 7 goals and making 5 on all occasions!


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