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Is this how to return the favor to Al-Haili? Corridors of victory and leaks Hamdallah

Al-Ittihad club did not find any understanding on the part of Al-Nasr in the case of the leaks of Moroccan Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah with the officials of the Dean, so that the Western Club would be punished, so that everyone would remember what the Anmar Al-Haili administration had done with Al-Alame in the famous corridors case!

The Committee for Professionalism and Player Conditions in the Saudi Football Association decided to suspend Moroccan Hamdallah for a period of 4 months, fine Hamed Al-Balawi, CEO of Al-Ittihad Club, 300,000 riyals, and suspend Mishaal Al-Saeed, the club’s director of football, for 3 months. Read the details of the punishment .

This case witnessed some attempts by the Union administration to reach friendly solutions with Al-Nasr, but all of these attempts were unsuccessful, in light of the commitment of the Muammar family’s administration to its rights.

And now the situation is the loss of Al-Ittihad, its most important attacker, for 4 months, in addition to financial penalties and the suspension of the club’s director of football. On the other hand, Al-Nassr emerged victorious from that case.

Al-Ittihad fans now say, why was Anmar Al-Haili merciful to Al-Nasr Club, when there was a guaranteed issue for the Dean, which everyone remembers as the “corridors issue”, and on the other hand, Al-Nassr did not have the same reaction!

What are the details of the lane issue?

During the term of Safwan Al-Suwaiket’s presidency of Al-Nasr Club, one of the Nasra figures affiliated with the football administration was involved in negotiating in the corridor of a match stadium that brought together Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad with the most important players in the ranks of the captain.

The negotiation was with Fahd Al-Mawlid, the striker, and Fawaz Al-Qarni, the former Al-Ittihad goalkeeper. At that time, the Brigadier General had strong evidence condemning the international and his official, but the matter was quickly resolved!

A joint statement was issued by the Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad clubs, confirming that there is an agreement between the Al-Ittihad and Al-Nasr administrations to give priority to common interests and fraternal cooperation between them, and to close the outstanding issue between them.

At that time, it was agreed amicably between the administration of Anmar Al-Haili and its counterpart in Al-Nasr, headed by Safwan Al-Suwaiket, to transfer more than one player from the ranks of the international to the brigadier general, provided that the crisis ends without any crises.

Anmar Al-Haili at this time agreed to a friendly solution with the victory administration, and decided not to escalate matters and the crisis ended before it escalated!

Union attempts that failed!

After the case of Al-Nasr Club and Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah ignited, the records appeared condemning the player and the federation officials for inciting the termination of his contract with Al-Alam to move to the ranks of the brigadier general.

The Dean’s administration, headed by Anmar Al-Haili, realized that the player had become convicted, but also the duo Hamid Al-Balawi and Mishaal Al-Saeed, and attempts had already begun to find a friendly solution between Al-Ittihad and Al-Nasr clubs.

Al-Haili believed that everyone thinks as he thinks, and he began to search for friendly solutions with the Al-Nasr administration, but not everyone thinks as the president of the Al-Ittihad club thinks!

The news that was circulated about the Al-Ittihad club offering 50 million riyals, along with a player from the ranks of the dean, and the dismissal of Hamed Al-Balawi as a punishment for him, but the Al-Nasr administration rejected all these offers.

The case continued until decisions were taken against Al-Ittihad Club to suspend the registration and stop its first striker, fine Al-Balawi and stop Al-Saeed, so that Al-Haili learned a lesson he will not forget.

This is the bill for not dealing professionally and giving up the club’s rights easily, and not sticking to those rights, no matter what the temptations are. This is a natural result.

Is this how you return the favor?

Now, Al-Haili’s mouthpiece is how he returned the favor he had done previously, by disregarding his rights and the rights of his club, and agreeing to some temptations, then victory refuses to return the favor!

The truth is that football is not run that way, what Al-Haili did earlier in the corridors issue was a huge mistake, you are the person responsible for a big club like Al-Ittihad, and getting its rights is the least you can do.

Protecting your players from opponents is indisputable, there is no such thing as common interests or good faith in the matter, things are managed very professionally and look for the interest of the club only.

Now, all things are not in the interest of Anmar Al-Haili, as Al-Ittihad did not succeed in returning to the podiums last season, in addition to the issue of Hamdallah’s recordings, which made the president of the Federation in an unenviable position.

Anmar Al-Haili made a grave mistake in his management of the corridor issues, and praise be to God. From the beginning, he had to search for the union’s interest only, without considering any other matters!


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