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Golden Ball | Messi was not wronged, Ronaldo deserves, and the world’s talents are in danger!

A new year and another occasion to stir controversy, after the newspaper “France Football” announced the nominees for the award for the best player in the world for 2022, and as usual, some are angry and accuse of injustice everywhere.

The new award system excludes what any player achieves in the new season, because it calculates the results of the players for the 2021/2022 season, so no attempt to change anything before October 17, which is the date of announcing the winner, will succeed.

Lionel Messi, who won the award last year, was known not to get it this time due to his frustrating season with Paris Saint-Germain, but it will not stop there, but the player is completely out of the list of 30 players around the world.

Yes, we live in this era in which we do not see Messi among the top 30 players on the planet, and what a beautiful news for Cristiano Ronaldo fans, because he appeared in the nominations after a less frustrating season than Messi witnessed in Paris.

Find out all the nominees for the Ballon d’Or awards

Neymar is also absent after his disappointing season in Paris, and the idea of ​​Ronaldo appearing in his place was also annoying to some, although the Brazilian’s season was not better than Messi.

Other than that, everyone is happy, and some new faces appeared, but certainly the Golden Ball this time is different from every year, and before knowing the winner, let’s raise a little controversy..

Was Messi wronged?

Lionel Messi PSG Ligue 1 2022-23Getty Images

The 35-year-old left Barcelona in a resounding shock last season, amid huge expectations to invade the French League and help Paris Saint-Germain to obtain the Champions League.

All these ambitions turned into a mirage, as Messi failed to make a sufficient impact with Paris, and was absent for a while due to his suffering from the Corona virus, which spoiled his season in the middle of the season.

Messi scored only 11 goals with Paris, including only 6 in the league, in which everyone expected the Argentine to surpass the historical rates of the championship and make 15 goals.

Even for the local championships, the player only won the French League title, a competition in which he was not influential and failed his team on many important occasions.

As for the Champions League, the level was somewhat better, but the scene of the end was no worse than losing to Real Madrid in the round of 16 in two confrontations in which Messi did not do what he came for.

Neymar deserves to be absent also for many reasons, the most important of which is his absence of injuries, as he only played 22 matches in the French League and 28 in all tournaments, scoring only 13 goals and making 8.

In the Champions League, the Brazilian played 6 matches in which he did not score any goals. Regardless of the numbers, the Brazilian does not deserve to be in the picture after the disastrous season that made Paris fans demand his departure, which the administration was about to meet this summer.

The new clear criteria for the Ballon d’Or say “The award is individual so criterion No. 1 is primarily the personal performance and the decisive and impressive personality of the competitors”.

“Football remains a team game so criterion number 2 is the team performance and accumulated record during the season, then number 3 is fair play as one of the most important factors as well.”

What we have noticed is the disappearance of the “player’s career” clause, which takes into account the history of the candidates, which was completely excluded, so the competition is open to everyone and does not depend on the talent and style of any player.

With the disappearance of this criterion, and looking at the criteria set by the organizing committee, we will find that the only player that should be present from Paris Saint-Germain is Kylian Mbappe, who scored 49 goals and assisted 26 in all competitions, not Messi or Neymar.

Ronaldo deserves it, but why?

Cristiano Ronaldo Man Utd 2022-23Getty Images

The list of candidates included some unfamiliar names that may surprise some, such as Luis Diaz from Liverpool and his colleague Darwin Nunez for what he did with Benfica last season.

Rafael Leao appeared at impressive levels with Milan as well, and Dusan Vlahovic played only half a season with Fiorentina before relegating clearly with Juventus.

These names may have made a splash, but are they good enough for the Ballon d’Or nominations? A question worth discussing and thinking.

Perhaps the most deserving of all is Darwin Nunez, but the fact that you scored 26 goals in the Portuguese league is not enough to be in this prestigious award, and even if we take into account his six goals in the Champions League, Ronaldo scored like them.


Perhaps the Portuguese does not deserve to be in the nominations if we look at the ceiling of ambitions required of him, the ceiling that he and Messi set and that everyone has been unable to reach for years.

Therefore, the pair do not deserve anything this year, not even being among the top 30 players, given what is specifically required of them, but in general Ronaldo scored 24 goals and was the best player in Manchester United last season.

He presented impressive levels in the Champions League before United’s exit and was the main and decisive reason for the team’s qualification to the round of 16, and he appeared in many crucial moments in the English Premier League before his team finally collapsed, so for the normal rate of any player, he is one of the prominent players, while Messi did not reach this rate from the ground up. .

Which makes Ronaldo better than Messi and Neymar in terms of influencing the Champions League and the local leagues very clearly.

The international side does not have an overwhelming advantage for either Neymar, Ronaldo or Messi over the other, all of them participated in the qualifications of Brazil, Portugal, Argentina and the World Cup in close proportions, although the Portuguese was the most impressive of them after he took the lead in international players last season, with his scoring tally reaching 117 goals to surpass Former Iranian star Ali Daei.

Returning to the criteria set by France Football, Ronaldo excelled in the first element, which is the individual numbers with the Red Devils.

The world’s talents are in danger

Jan OblakGetty

Over the past years, we used to see the giants of the game competing for various awards, whether the best player, goalkeeper or young player, but it seems that the talent is no longer that good.

Vlahovic, Liao, Sebastian Haller, Christopher Nkunku, Luis Diaz and Darwin Nunez may have made their mark, but are they ready for the World Player of the Year nominations?

It’s understandable how difficult it is for them to be on the shortlist, but the fact that Vlahovic, who has not established himself with Juventus for half a full season, is on the shortlist is worrying.

Nkunko shines with RB Leipzig, but none of the seniors have shown their willingness to pay money to sign him due to doubts that he will repeat his impressive levels in the German League.

Diaz also did not succeed fully with Liverpool and lacks a lot, especially in the final touch, and does not rise to calling him the great player so far, as well as his colleague Nunez, whose success with the Reds is also in doubt.

To be sure, these are not bad or mediocre, but the common factor between them is that they are incomplete talents who did not deserve to appear in such an event yet.

Maybe some players should have appeared at their expense, but the names available to replace them are very few and they weren’t at their best last season.

Hugo Lloris, who was the weak point of Tottenham last season, became a candidate for the best goalkeeper award in the world?

Even Jan Oblak, in his worst season in his history with Atletico Madrid, conceded 57 goals in 50 games, a terrifying number, yet we see him present in the list.

This warns us that there are some problems and a scarcity of talent in the world at this time, especially in the goalkeeper positions and the offensive line, whether the outright striker or the winger.

Who is closest to the Golden Ball?

Benzema Real Madrid 2022Getty

UEFA’s nominations for the best player in Europe summed it all up, when Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne and Real Madrid duo Karim Benzema and Thibaut Courtois were shortlisted.

The list of coaches also saw the presence of Carlo Ancelotti, who was closest to the award, with Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola and Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp.

The choices simply reflect that Liverpool, Manchester City and Real Madrid were the best teams last season and the Ballon d’Or winner won’t come out of them.

Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, their chances seem very weak, after they failed to win the Champions League, and be satisfied with the FA Cup and the League Cup.

Mahrez had an exceptional season with City, but it is clear that De Bruyne gets a better rating than him, and the most important question is whether either of them gets the award?

The answer is in Real Madrid, because it seems that the winner will not come out of the Santiago Bernabeu, between Benzema and Courtois, especially the first who was the man of all or most of the happy occasions with the participation of the Belgian goalkeeper and their colleague Vinicius Junior.

Benzema and Courtois have it all when it comes to talking about the Ballon d’Or, be it goals, individual numbers or brilliance on crucial occasions.

Compare players

  • general
  • goalkeeper
  • attacks
  • defense
  • distribution
  • discipline
  • [object object]

    Karim Benzema
    Real Madrid
    [object object]

    Thibaut Courtois
    Real Madrid
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    sir mane
    [object object]

    Mohamed Salah
    [object object]

    Kevin De Bruyne
    Manchester City
    matches 32 36 34 35 30
    playing minutes 2,596 3,240 2,824 2,761 2,205
    Basic 31 36 32 30 25
    player login 1 0 2 5 5
    player exit 13 0 7 5 9
  • Benzema scored 44 goals and assisted 15 in 46 games, which is less than Robert Lewandowski, who scored 50 goals in the same number of matches, but obtaining only the German League will not help him and the same for Kylian Mbappe, who has 39 goals and a single title, the French League.

Therefore, it seems that the award is on its way to Benzema, who has the first credit for the success of Real last season, unless France Football decides to blow the surprise by awarding the award to Courtois, who deserves it for saving the Merengue den in many moments, even if logic and emotions said that it was time to give Benzema appreciation Which he deserves after years of living under Ronaldo!


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