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So that women don’t wear mustaches.. Werner’s “laughing” gamble and return to Germany

Before the Women’s Euro 2022 final between Germany and England, Germany’s top scorer Alexandra Pope entered the match press conference wearing a moustache!

Bob, who scored six goals in the tournament, was originally a joke due to calls for her to be called up to the men’s team in order to solve the team’s crisis with the score, but it casts a shadow on the reality of a strong crisis in Hansi Flick’s team.

Since the retirement of Miroslav Klose and the German national team facing a major crisis at the center of the spear, the country that gave birth to Muller, Rummenigge, Klinsmann, Bierhoff and others has become dependent on a fake striker in the absence of a natural scorer such as the names mentioned, or the failure of those present to provide the hope, led by Timo Werner.

When Werner emerged in 2013 with Stuttgart, it seemed that Germany had already found a new leader in attack, and with the move to Leipzig in 2016 and his talent explosion there, the player’s star began to emerge not only locally, but all of Europe.

Everyone remembers 2020, when the player was the subject of a struggle between Liverpool and Chelsea, and Jurgen Klopp tried to convince him personally to play for his team, but he chose the Blues, amid talk of interest from Real Madrid, Barcelona and the poles of Milan.

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But in London, despite winning the Champions League title, choosing not to play his semi-finals with Leipzig for Chelsea after moving to him for nearly 60 million, Werner faced a catastrophic failure, and turned into a material for ridicule from fans, and a constant paragraph on social media platforms as a joke because of His missed opportunity.

There is no doubt that Werner’s biggest flaw is his loss of many chances. He is one of the attackers who creates for himself, for example, 10 chances in the match, but ends up scoring one or two goals. This was the case even in Leipzig, where he was crowned top scorer in the Bundesliga, and whoever followed the team’s matches at the height of brilliance The player averaged the same amount of misses as he scored them.

The young striker scored 23 goals and assisted 21 in 89 matches with the Blues, and won three championships, but in two years the impression he left is that he is a striker who is not good at the spearhead and does not know how to score goals, and is skilled in wasting easy opportunities.

Some may say that his compatriot Thomas Tuchel’s tactic played a role in his preference for freedom in the front line and not being restricted to an outright striker, and the evidence is his strong record with the German national team, where he has 24 goals in 53 international matches, including 14 during his time with Chelsea, which proves that Flick knows how to get out. The best of Werner, and he’s good at him, which explains why he listened to his advice to find a new team before the World Cup.

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Flick himself did not hide his happiness at the return of his striker to the Bundesliga, as he described it as a strong deal for the league, although certainly his happiness stems mainly from the player’s return to an environment that gives him the opportunity to restore the confidence he lost in England, and the opportunity to play with continuity and a basic form.

At the age of twenty-six, the player is supposed to take steps forward to improve his career, and not go back, but in the case of Werner, we can consider his decision to return to Leipzig as a correct decision as a place and time, and its benefit may spread to everyone, starting with the player who may return as a top scorer and star and why not return The launch of his career, and the German Manchaft and its coach, who is looking for a spearhead, leads the team in Qatar so that it is not at the mercy of Bob’s “mustache!”


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