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Real Madrid and Almeria .. Reverse the plan and also get a remontada!

Real Madrid turned the tables and won in the second half despite coming out late after 45 minutes.

How many times have you heard or read this phrase throughout your follow-up to the Royal Club under the leadership of coach Carlo Ancelotti since his return to take over the leadership of the team?

This is Real Madrid, or as Luka Modric repeats behind the Real Madrid fans, this is how Real Madrid wins!

Defensive problems

Ancelotti decided during the match to rest many players and rely on the tactic of rotating early this time, but the crisis was in changing three out of four in defense.

Carvajal’s injury forced him to rely on Vazquez, but he volunteered to give Rodriguer a starting position, as well as Nacho, while resting Militao and Alaba.

It appeared early on that Rudiger had not yet understood Real Madrid’s way of working, so we saw the player making many mistakes in terms of positioning or even passing.

The first quick goal came due to a misunderstanding between the two defense chiefs, and Almeria relied on its rebounds on a similar matter, so that in a shot in the second half, the German confusion caused a dangerous opportunity, had Courtois not turned it into a throw-in, the striker of the owners might have found himself in front of a goal free of his goalkeeper.

Perhaps time is the reason, as the player has not yet adapted to the new team and has not participated enough, but there is also a crisis associated with Rudiger being a proactive player who always prefers initiative.

Karim Benzema did not appear as required during the match, and even was not at his expected level in the European Super.

Maybe Benzema is exhausted physically, maybe he won’t be able to play his compound roles in every game, or maybe it’s just a warrior’s break and with time we will see the Frenchman come and go like he did last season.

With Benzema’s decline, Vinicius returned to be Real Madrid’s first attacking outlet, and it is true that he suffered from deciding opportunities, but still with his speed and skill, he is able to shake up any defensive bloc.

Reverse the plan and earn too

Ancelotti last season suffered a lot from being late in the result and then turned the table and back, and he depended on that on the exit of Kroos and perhaps Modric and the descent of Camavinga and Valverde.

But in this match, he decided to push a midfield of new deals and substitutes last season, with Chaumini and Camavinga with Kroos in the middle and Valverde as a wing.

With the decline in the result, Modric was involved, then Alaba and finally Casemiro, so that the team returned in the result as well and maintained its defensive cohesion.

A great effort is credited to the Almeria team, owned by Turki Al-Sheikh, and he tried to surprise Real Madrid, but it seems that things were not in his favour.

A good start for both teams, with Almeria gaining confidence in his ability to embarrass Real Madrid and the success of the Royal in winning the first victory in the league.


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