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You were lucky Conte.. Tuchel dominated everything except the result against Tottenham!

Quarrels, quarrels on the lines and a great performance on the field, a match that did not lack any of the excitement and attraction factors that the English Premier League has always relied on in marketing its matches.

We are talking about a meeting in which Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel are on the lines, of course we will see this excitement, but we cannot neglect the technical and tactical matters, especially from the side of the Blues, we cannot lose sight of Coulibaly’s wonderful performance or the dilemma of Sterling and Haverts that we are looking for a solution.

Below we review with you the most important technical points on the pitch, as well as what happened between Tuchel and Conte outside the lines.

Coulibaly saves Tuchel in the long run

The performance of the Senegalese defender in today’s meeting demonstrates the impressive quality of defender Kalidou Coulibaly, a former Napoli player who has the essential ingredients to be in the best teams in the English Premier League.

After the departure of Antonio Rudiger, some thought that Tuchel’s defensive system would be affected by the absence of the German, but the truth is that what happened is the opposite, Coulibaly came to raise the quality of the defensive line.

In the first half of the match in particular, you can see the tactical role that Coulibaly plays in the process of graduating the ball. We are talking about a player who was always looking for Mount in the half spaces to deliver the ball and start making the transition to attack.

K Koulibaly Chelsea 2022-2

We have not yet talked about the long balls that Khalido sent to the attacking players, from which we can tell that the Senegalese has an exceptional vision similar to that of Virgil van Dijk.

The result is that we are talking about a defender who contributed to the progression of the ball and the dominance of his team over the guests, scoring the first goal with a powerful and unstoppable shot, and causing the second goal for his team after he cut the ball from Koloshevsky at the beginning of the Tottenham attack and sent it to Kante, and then came the progress.

Coulibaly will be the most important piece in Chelsea’s system this season, and perhaps in the coming seasons, the Senegalese star is the ideal element of Tochel’s method, and perhaps for all ways.

Usual superiority of Tuchel against Conte

Despite Conte’s impressive record against many top-tier football coaches, he is never better than Germany’s Thomas Tuchel.

This is Tuchel’s fourth match against Conte, and it’s amazing to know that Tuchel has won all the head-to-head matches against the Italian except today’s match, and it’s also exciting to know that this is the first time Conte’s team has scored against the German!

The dominance today was not only in the winning streak, it was in every technical and tactical aspect, Tuchel gave Conte a lesson on the pitch about scaling with the ball and quick transitions.

Thomas Tuchel Antonio ConteScreenshot

The strange thing is that the Italian coach tried to celebrate in front of Tuchel in a provocative manner, although Hojbjerg’s goal was only for a draw, which shows that Conte was a little resourceful, and is only trying to snatch a single point in front of Tuchel, who mastered the victory over him.

Conte may win Tuchel in the coming days, and the history of confrontations may turn back to the former Blues coach, but so far the Italian must know that Tuchel is the one who dominates the course of things.

Haverts or Sterling?

After signing Raheem Sterling, some thought that Tuchel had signed a new “wing” and that the Chelsea team would maintain the same elements in the same places with the addition of the Manchester City player in his favorite position.

Raheem Sterling Chelsea 2022-23Getty Images

But the truth was different, as Tuchel put Sterling in the center of the striker and thus Havertz moved to the center of the right wing, which directly affected the performance of the German striker.

Kai is smart in positioning between the lines, moving in the space behind the defense line, and he can play headers brilliantly, but he does not have the super speed or even that flexibility that Sterling has to play in the center of the wing.

Kai Havertz Chelsea 2022-23Getty Images

The upshot of these technical changes is that Sterling appears wonderfully in his new position, especially with the freedom he now possesses with the opposite of what was happening with Pep Guardiola’s tactical rigor.

Something that makes him feel free and happy, and maybe he hasn’t exploded yet, but he is on the way to improving and developing, and as for Haverts, it seems that he will need time to feel comfortable in the new position.


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