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Experienced people refrain .. Casemiro is a successful deal for Manchester United

Casemiro from Real Madrid to Manchester United .. News means the transfer of one of the best midfielders in the world, perhaps the best of them in the center of the defensive axis, but for some veterans, the matter was beyond that and a real disaster..

He can’t handle the pressure, he’ll collapse without Luka Modric and Toni Kroos, he’s old, 30 years old, overpriced and moving for money and has no ambitions.

Numerous accusations and words sent, all going in one direction, as if Manchester had signed a player over the age of forty or one of the unknown names from the Austrian or Swedish league, and not one of the best players in his position in the past

Confused.. Where is de Jong?

Erik ten Hag Manchester United 2022-23 LiverpoolGetty Images

The boring story of Frenkie de Jong’s transfer from Barcelona to Manchester United began this summer and lasted for weeks before the Dutchman rejected the idea outright and closed the door on his former coach.

Many reports confirmed that de Jong is the main goal of Tin Hag in order to implement his philosophy and style, and the Dutchman himself came out to confirm that the Dutchman would be one of the keys to his new project if the deal was completed.

And since football has no absolute truth, any criticism, praise, or point of view will have its own justification that will make sense even if its aim is invalid.

Tin Hag’s insistence was described as obstinate and old petrified inflexibility, and when he decided to be flexible and contracted with Casemiro, he was accused of blundering and not having any plan.

But in fact, De Jong was not the number one goal of the Red Devils at the beginning of the summer, but there was Declan Rice, West Ham player, the Englishman who possessed the qualities of Casemiro more than his Dutch counterpart.

But last April, a report appeared from “The Athletic” to confirm that West Ham refused to negotiate less than 150 million pounds as an initial price, and therefore United withdrew while Tin Hag was officially coach of the team before his departure from Ajax.

So Manchester wanted a player of the quality of Casemiro at first, but failed to include him and went to De Jong, and after the Barcelona player rejected the idea, United returned to the same quality by signing the Brazilian international.

Value Added

Casemiro Real MadridGetty Images

Talking about the system can not be underestimated in any way, but to judge that Casemiro is not suitable for the Ten Hag system in Manchester, which we do not know what it is yet, is just absurd because he may change his plan to suit the group he owns and it takes a while to change it more deeply.

Any team in the world needs a first-class ball cutter like Casemiro, and the Brazilian, once he signed for the Red Devils, became the best midfielder in the team without competition, because he cannot be compared without Donny van de Beek, Fred and Scott McTominay.

The idea that he would collapse without Kroos and Modric does not make sense, because Casemiro, even if he was not at his best level since a season, was better than Kroos himself and was the personal guard of Real Madrid’s midfield, and the main reason for giving his two colleagues the opportunity to create.

Casemiro is not a kid who will cut the ball and stand without knowing what he can do, perhaps not the best in the task of running with the ball and offensive contribution, but the added value that he will give Manchester with his impressive physical and technical abilities in what he is good at and his strength suitable for the English Premier League may be a milestone this season.

The real confusion was the trend towards Adrien Rabiot and other players of low quality and ineffective, ignoring the huge value of a player who won everything and has all the experience to deal with any pressure, and he can help some players on and off the field thanks to his experience.

Compare players

  • Casemiro
    Real Madrid
    Manchester United
    Van de Beek
    Manchester United
    Manchester United

As for its price, anyone who understands the nature of the transfer market, that when Manchester United, with its current suffering and its distance from the Champions League, tries to sign one of the best players in the world, he must pay more than normal in terms of salary or transfer value.

The fact that Real Madrid does not need to sell makes the Spanish club ask for any value it wants, which is what Florentino Perez did and got 60 million euros in addition to 10 million futures, in a player who achieved everything with him and his right to search for a new experience away from Santiago Bernabeu before losing his position in favor of Aurelian Chuamini or Eduardo Camavinga, with the difficulty of obtaining a contract more than a year or two according to Real’s policy to deal with players over the age of 30.

Will Casemiro succeed?

If you thought he would be helpless without Kroos and Modric, you have to realize that he is one of the most important players in the Brazilian national team if not the most important, and he plays alongside Lucas Paqueta and his Manchester United teammate Fred!

The concept of a successful deal applies to Casemiro if we look at his value and capabilities, which are far from many players in Manchester United, and the idea of ​​​​bringing the Red Devils to a player of this size in such a dire state is impressive and means that the club remains in its position among the seniors.

But any deal in general is liable to success and failure for many reasons, such as not adapting to the league, the country or the new team’s style, as we saw with Eden Hazard at Real and Philippe Coutinho in Barcelona and others who failed to match expectations.

Casemiro statsGetty/Pressbox

Perhaps he adapts to the Ten Hag system and may not do so, but he cannot be judged as a failure before he kicks the ball even on the training ground, because we do not yet know what Manchester will look like because the team is not complete, and there is news of the inclusion of another midfielder, winger, goalkeeper and right back.

The presence of Raphael Varane, Alessandro Martinez and Bruno, and perhaps Cristiano Ronaldo’s survival after Casemiro’s arrival, may completely change the situation at United, and the Devils’ superiority over the last Liverpool gives Manchester fans a lot of reasons for optimism.

Casemiro and Bruno Fernandes are considered among the best players in their positions in the world, and the third player who will play alongside them will be the determining factor in the success of the Manchester United midfield system.

The system must be integrated between 3 players with different functions, Casemiro a breaker and spoiler of attacks, another player in the No. 8 position who is good at defensive and offensive roles, running with the ball and playing advanced passes in dangerous positions in the center of the opponent’s stadium, and another player, Bruno Fernandes, who is good at the final touch by scoring and making goals.

Will Christian Eriksen play this role? Or unique? Or do we see Manchester sign another player to complete this system? The ball is in Ten Hag’s court now, to prove to everyone that he wasn’t a flop but knew what he was doing well when Casemiro went


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