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Matthias attacks his brother Paul Pogba on accusations of treason, witchcraft and hypocrisy!

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The recent news out of Paul Pogba seems to have provoked his older brother Matthias, who responded with a lot of attacks on the current Juventus stars.

This came in statements he posted on his Twitter account, during which he accused his brother of treason, hypocrisy, practicing witchcraft and many other things.

Matthias wrote: “What I expected has happened, my little brother has finally begun to show his true face, and since you chose to speak first, to lie to the police and to bring that information to light, you cannot blame me.”

He added: “Paul, it looks like you really wanted to shut me up and lie and send me to prison, I doubted it but now it’s true, my version of events really happened against you, and I have enough to prove my words and prove your lie.”

And he added: “I will tell you again, my brother, manipulating humans is not good, it is not about money, you have involved me, and I almost died because of you, and now you want to play the role of the innocent.”

He continued: “When I say everything people will see that there is no more cowardly, traitor, or hypocrite person than you on earth, Killian now you understand? I have no negative feelings towards you, and my words are for your own good, the “Marabu” – a person who cures magic – Ma’ruf, sorry brother, you call yourself a Muslim and you are involved in all that magic, it is not good to have hypocrites and traitors around you.”

It is worth noting that reports had confirmed that Pogba had told the police that his brother had threatened him with weapons and tried to get an amount of up to 13 million euros from him.


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