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Martial: Mourinho did not respect me and I was betrayed by Solskjaer!

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Anthony Martial has criticized Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for the way they treated him during their time at the helm of the Manchester United team.

The French star appeared intermittently with Mourinho and Solskjaer, but he exploded with the latter when he took over technical responsibility with the Red Devils before suffering an injury.

It seems that Jose’s dealings specifically with Martial angered him greatly, as the player spoke to “France Football” about the way in which the Portuguese did not respect him, while referring to Solskjaer’s “betrayal” of him.

What did Martial say about Mourinho?

The French star said: “It started with the story of the shirt number, during the holidays, Mourinho sent me a message asking if I wanted to change the shirt number to 11, explaining to me that it was a great number because club legend Ryan Giggs was wearing it.”

He continued: “I told him that I had great respect for Giggs, but I prefer to keep the number 9, and when I returned to the club, I saw that my shirt became the number 11, the story did not end well.”

He continued: “Mourinho lacks direct respect for me, he spoke about me in the press, small phrases, as he did with Karim Benzema at Real Madrid. He loves these little matches, but he also knows who does it.”

What did he say about Solskjaer?


Martial’s performance improved briefly under Solskjaer, who replaced Mourinho, but the Frenchman has also attacked him, accusing him of “betrayal”.

He added: “I was playing regularly and I was injured, people don’t know that, the coach told me he needed me, so I participated, and I had a problem with running, so I was criticized by the fans, and Solskjaer did not bother to tell the media.”

He added: “Obviously, I ended up getting injured and when I came back, I finished, I didn’t play anymore, I handled it very badly.”

He concluded: “I had a sense of injustice, you were asked to sacrifice yourself for the team and behind the scenes you were left out. For me, this is almost a betrayal.”


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