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Deschamps on Griezmann’s crisis with Atletico Madrid: He will not feel tired!

France coach Didier Deschamps hinted at his frustration with the position of Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann and the current crisis with Barcelona.

Griezmann plays with Atletico on loan from the Catalan club, with the possibility of buying the player compulsorily if he plays more than 50% of the matches this season.

The duration of the Frenchman’s 5 matches in the Spanish League so far did not exceed 28 minutes due to Atletico’s desire to reduce the amount of mandatory purchase, so Deschamps came out to comment on the matter at a time when there were speculations about the existence of threats that Griezmann would not be in the World Cup next November due to his current situation. .

What did Deschamps say about Griezmann’s situation?

The France coach, who included the player in his squad for the European Nations League, joked: “He will not feel any fatigue when he plays this number of minutes.”

He added more seriously: “It’s a situation you all know and I don’t want to get into it, but it’s clear that this situation greatly limits his playing time.”

He continued, “He is still an important player at club level and he aspires to play more than 30 minutes, and it would be good if he played more minutes with us.”

And as for the contractual problems between players and clubs in general: “I adapt to this kind of problem, but the important thing for me is the performance he gives us.”

What is Griezmann’s position with Atletico?

The player’s purchase value is up to 40 million euros, in addition to some other variables and bonuses agreed upon in the transfer process.

If Griezmann plays fewer than 50% of the official matches available to Atletico, the purchase clause will not be mandatory in this way, and if this number exceeds this number, Atletico will have to pay the amount to the Catalan club.

In order for the matches played by Griezmann to be counted, he must start playing for 45 minutes in the event that he is fit and not suffering any injury or penalty.

The French striker played more than 80% of the matches last season, but this season he is on the field in the 63rd minute of every game.

In this way, Atlético avoids the player’s participation for the 45 minutes stipulated in the player’s contract, to prevent it from being counted as a match played.


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