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Is Ancelotti true or false? Where are the substitutes for Benzema who spoke to them!

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has repeatedly confirmed that his French star Karim Benzema does not need a replacement in the ranks of the Royal Club.

This came during the last summer transfer market, while Barcelona was trying to obtain the services of the top scorer in the Spanish League at the moment, Robert Lewandowski.

The royal club was close to the inclusion of Frenchman Kilian Mbappe before the start of the transfer market, but the latter decided to renew his contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

Everyone at the time imagined that the royal would go to the transfer market to find an alternative, but that did not happen, and the support came in the midfield and defense only.

Who can tell Ancelotti no?!

Looking at Real Madrid’s results from afar, you will not find a single person who can even question Ancelotti’s abilities or any decision for him. The Royal Club has played eight meetings so far in all competitions in the new season, winning them all.

The confrontations were not easy, the European Super against Eintracht is a complex match, as it is the same opponent that knocked Barcelona out of the European League, and the Spanish League clubs have become as competitive as any big team in Europe, and in the Champions League they beat Celtic and Leipzig.

Some may say that the real test will come in the knockout stages of the Champions League and against Barcelona or Atletico Madrid in the Spanish League, but that’s okay too, major tournaments like La Liga, for example, are not won by just one match.

Is Ancelotti true?

The Italian coach did not lie when he stressed that Real Madrid does not need a replacement for Karim Benzema during the current season, as the man can create alternative solutions.

In his statements that followed, Ancelotti made it clear that he had several elements in Real Madrid who could play in the attacking position as a substitute for Benzema.

Ancelotti said: “It is not true that we do not have an alternative to Karim Benzema, there are many of them, such as Mariano, Hazard, Rodrygo, and sometimes Asensio and even Modric.”

Karim Benzema remains the team’s top scorer and first star even in his absence, but at the same time Real Madrid’s winning streak did not stop in any way.

Benzema scored three goals from 17 shots in total, his best alternative so far is Roddygo, who scored two goals from seven shots with a clearly higher accuracy.

It is not only Rodrygo who succeeded as a substitute for Benzema and was able to carry the team offensively, there is also Vinicius Junior, who began his brilliance career since last season, and others.

Relative mismatch

Sometimes at certain times, the coach tried to take advantage of Eden Hazard in the center of the spear, specifically after he entered as a substitute for Benzema, who was injured against Celtic in the 30th minute.

It is true that Hazard scored in that match, but when Ancelotti played him against Real Mallorca in the Spanish League in the next match, he did not present his best level, and that was his first basic participation in more than seven months, and he played as a fake striker and was fake in every sense of the word. .

Before the match time reached the 60th minute, Ancelotti replaced the player and paid Luka Modric instead, and in the next meeting, despite the fact that his team did not score until the 80th minute against Leipzig, he did not pay him.

All this indicates that Ancelotti’s statements, if true for some, even those who were not included in his choices such as Federico Valverde, were not successful statements for others such as Hazard.


bottom line

Valverde and Rodrigo may have succeeded in making up for Benzema’s absence temporarily, but how long will you rely on this duo in such a sensitive position.

Fortunately, Benzema’s absence is not long this time, but what if something happened and Benzema was absent for a longer period, especially with his old age, what would you do then?

I may have been partially right in the transfer market, but Real Madrid really need a Benzema replacement even if you are winning in his absence.

This happening now in front of those teams, even if they are even the strongest you will face in the season, does not guarantee that you will repeat it in front of other teams that may face you differently, or even in the same way, with a decline in the performance of the substitutes in terms of scoring goals, which is not their primary role, and their decline will be Justified and understandable.


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