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Atletico and Real Madrid .. Simeone’s sin and Valverde’s secret weapon

Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid today in the match that brought them together in the sixth round of the Spanish League at the Atlético Stadium, with two goals to one.

Atlético Madrid was stronger and more dangerous at the beginning of the confrontation and imposed a clear control over the course and speed of the match, while the royal appeared solid on the defensive level.

But all Atlético de Madrid’s chances did not mean anything because the man who was playing against them was Carlo Ancelotti, who knew how to win again against his neighbor in the easiest way.

Below, let us review some technical points from that match that may have contributed to the outcome in this way:

making the same mistakes

“A believer is not stung from the same hole twice” and “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” in all languages ​​Diego Simeone should not have lost again against Real Madrid in the same way.

The Argentine coach pushed five defenders onto the pitch. None of the players could stop Real Madrid’s danger, which came in a few moments, but was effective.

Every time Simeone played against Ancelotti in the past few years, the Italian coach managed to outsmart Simeone with just a few touches and the shortest way to goal.

Simeone could not prevent the dangerous parties from Real Madrid, the weapon that was present and strongly every time in the derby, but the Argentine did not even try to stop them.

Real Madrid adapt without Benzema

While we criticize Diego Simeone and his loss to Ancelotti in the same way again, we have to praise the Italian coach, who got what he wanted from the match with the least attacking effort possible.

Ancelotti clearly succeeded in making up for Karim Benzema’s absence and reached the goal in the fewest number of times possible, and with this small number, he managed to snatch the three points.

Rodrygo, despite the various roles he plays in Karim Benzema’s center, his movement in the first goal shot outside, the pass and the movement again inside the area in the absence of defense highlighted exactly how much this player has tactical awareness and high capabilities that are difficult to match for a player of his age.

Ancelotti may have said previously that Real Madrid has a Benzema alternative, but the reality is that Ancelotti, his mind, his thought and his method are Benzema’s alternative and not any other player.

Rodrygo EMBED ONLYGoal/Getty

Valverde’s secret weapon

While Atletico Madrid managed to show some danger to the visitors’ goal, Real Madrid succeeded Fede Valverde in scoring the second deadly goal.

The timing of the goal may have been early, but it was a morale killer for the fans and stars of Atlético de Madrid who found themselves for the second time in the match controlling and more dangerous and directly scored by the opponent.

Valverde alone is a story and a story that needs many lines to talk about his current role in forming Real Madrid, and why he is an indispensable player for Carlo Ancelotti.

Even when Karim Benzema returns from his injury, Valverde should never be a victim of the Frenchman’s return, but rather his potential should be used more.

Away from the well-known technical and physical capabilities of the Uruguayan, he showed unprecedented flexibility for him in changing his position on the field during the course of the match according to the course of events.

Valverde, who was the cog in the middle of the field, cut the balls and started the attacks, was there at the other end of the field in the second goal ball, catching up with Vinicius Junior’s shot, which was answered by the post and scored the second goal and played his role as a winger.

With Valverde, Real Madrid becomes like a team that plays with more players than its opponent, and because of its great speed and endurance, it always gives everything it has in each of the two positions.

bottom line

The beginning of the match witnessed a lot of work by Atletico Madrid in order to remove the royal elements from the match, but because the coach is Carlo Ancelotti, the team remained in a calm state.

Real Madrid managed to win with the least possible defensive effort against a very difficult team like Atletico Madrid, thanks to Ancelotti’s thought, which kept Real Madrid’s attack effective even in the absence of Karim Benzema.

Thanks to the effort of Fede Valverde also, who clearly demonstrated in the first goal as a midfielder and in the second goal, which he scored himself as a winger.

In the end, Real Madrid achieved the required victory and remained at the top of the Spanish League before the international break, and Simeone handed over the keys to the match to the royal despite everything.


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