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So many coaches demanded unconventional things from their players that these requests were sometimes described as crazy.

The coaching role often requires complete control of the dressing room, but sometimes coaches go too far in their quest to control the players.

In some cases, coaches ask players to do things that are counterintuitive, whether in training or in their personal lives.

For example, Italian Marcello Lippi asked Italy players to show their butts during training while they were at the 2006 World Cup.

There are also a number of coaches obsessed with controlling players to the extent that Italian Antonio Conte instructs the players under his leadership how to have sex

During the next report, we are trying to review the strangest things that coaches asked their stars to control.

Marcello Lippi Italy World Cup

Show your butts!

Marcello Lippi asked Italy’s players during their 2006 World Cup campaign to take off their pants during a training session.

The incident occurred before the 2006 World Cup semi-final match against Germany, which Italy won 2-0, after extra time.

“On the morning of the semi-final match with Germany, we were preparing near Dortmund when I saw a flash of light coming from the nearby trees,” Lippi said recently about that incident.

“I suspected that some of the photographers were in hiding and trying to get some inside information about our tactics,” he added.

“So I told my players about it, asked them to all line up with their backs to the trees, and at my signal, pull your pants down.”

He concluded: “They did it and we all laughed, the fact that no photo was published confirms the absence of a photographer at the time, but at least we had fun, which is an indispensable component of the winning team, technical quality alone is not enough if you do not have harmony within the group

  • Maurizio Sarri Spezia Lazio Serie Acrazy sari

    Senegalese defender Kalidou Coulibaly of Napoli revealed a strange incident that happened with Maurizio Sarri, the former coach of the team, and the current coach of Lazio.

    “I worked with many coaches who did strange things, but the craziest of them was Sarri, he was very emotional about the tactic,” Coulibaly said.

    He added, “He loves his work, but he makes us work very hard, sometimes we even play in training 11 against zero.”

    He continued, “The craziest thing he did happened when my wife was about to give birth. He told me then that I had no right to leave the team and be with my wife and son.”

  • 20220515 Pep GuardiolaGuardiola cuts off the Internet and prevents eating pizza

    Upon his arrival to Manchester City in the training of the English Premier League in 2016, Pep Guardiola set a set of strict rules to control his players.

    The American “Fox Sports” channel revealed that Guariola prevented his players from eating pizza, and cut off the Internet connection at the Etihad Stadium.

    Former Manchester City player Gael Clichy revealed that Guardiola told the players that if he is going to training with overweight, he will be immediately banned from training with the first team.

  • javier mascherano argentina sub 20 entrenamiento 08022022Mascherano and the instruction book

    Argentina under-20 coach Javier Mascherano has set out a set of guidelines as he tries to improve his players.

    The instructions start with cleaning the dinner plates, sweeping the dressing room, doing their homework, and learning English.

    Mascherano, the former Barcelona star, began his stint as Argentina’s under-20 coach last January and decided to set a set of rules to improve the players.

    In addition to previous requests, the Spanish newspaper “AS” revealed that Mascherano also asked his players to read books in their spare time during the camps, and to attend communication workshops to learn how to deal with the media.

  • Arrigo SacchiGhost training!

    Italian Arrigo Sacchi is considered one of the greatest coaches in football history, due to his unconventional tactical and coaching ideas.

    Sacchi, and during his historical training for the Italian club AC Milan, relied on a training called “ghost training”.

    This process is based on the fact that its players play an imaginary match on the field, that is, 11 players against no one.

    This imaginary match was in order to raise the creativity level of the players, by imagining the opponent’s playing style, memorizing tactical instructions by heart, and thus easily applying them in matches.

  • Alfred Schreuder Twente PEC Zwolle Eredivisie 04072015Alfred Schroeder and a strange request from the Hoffenheim star

    Dutch former Hoffenheim coach, Alfred Schroeder, and new Ajax coach, asked Croatian Pavel Kaderabeek to take leave after the death of his dog.

    Hoffenheim had given Kairabeek leave after his dog died, but the Dutch coach designed the player to be called despite that leave.

  • Antonio Conte Tottenham 2021-22Conte and sex lessons!

    Italian Antonio Conte revealed one of the strangest requests he made of his players, while he was in charge of the Italian club Inter.

    “I advise my players to have sex for short periods, with minimal effort, and to use certain positions,” Conte told the French newspaper L’Equipe.

    He added: “Once I get to work I demand seriousness, and then I set rules and boundaries to give direction, we are all very good when it comes to talking about rules, but how many have the power and desire to enforce them.”

    He concluded: “A lot of people look away to avoid problems, I’m not. Anyway, you can be whoever you want.”

  • Felix Magath Hertha 2021Cheese to treat injuries!

    Former Fulham player Danny Murphy revealed a strange request from coach Felix Magath in 2014.

    Murphy confirmed that Magath had asked Brady Hangeland, the team’s player at the time, to treat his injury with cheese.

    Murphy maintained that the story was true, and it was one of the many incidents that caused Magath to lose the players’ respect.

    The player said: “He asked Hangeland to take a piece of cheese, wrap it in a rag, put it in alcohol, and then put it on his injury all night.”

    The former Fulham captain concluded: “It was one of the many ridiculous and sad stories we heard about Felix that ultimately cost him his job.”

  • 20220508 Pep GuardiolaMore sex!

    When Guardiola took over at Manchester City, reports came out that he had told the players not to have sex at all on Friday.

    However, Guardiola responded at the time to these reports in a press conference, saying: “It is impossible to play football well if you do not have sex, it is impossible, I have never done that.”

    But Manchester City’s Samir Nasri revealed the rules that Guardiola set for sex when he said: “For him, the sexual activity of his players must take place before midnight, in order to get a good sleep.”

    He added, “Even if the players were at rest for the next day, he said he applied this rule to Lionel Messi, and his muscles have improved since then.”

  • Arrigo Sacchi Italy Euro 1996A game without a ball!

    Going back to Sacchi, the Italian coaching legend was so rejuvenated that he split his players into two teams and played a match without the ball between them.

    Saki imagines the ball on the field, tells the players where it is located, and on the basis of which the movements begin on the field according to his instructions.

  • Miroslav BlaževićKiss lips for unity!

    Miroslav Blajevic saw strengthening the team’s bond as an important part of his plan to lead Bosnia and Herzegovina to the World Cup in 2010, which is why he decided to kiss the Bosnian players.

    “I took two players and told them ‘Love him!'” Blajevic said. Accept it!”, and the players carried out my orders.”

    “I told them they should kiss each other directly on the lips,” he added.

    He concluded: “The secret of my success is in the unity of the team. You cannot do anything without creating an atmosphere in the team.”

  • Vahid Halilhodzic

    They have to show remorse

    After Japan was defeated by the UAE 2-0 during the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, the task of the samurai children was complicated to reach the World Cup in Russia at the time, before reaching the World Cup later.

    According to Japanese reports at the time, Bosnian coach Vahid Halilhodzic ordered the Japanese players not to smile during the upcoming matches.

    Where the Japanese media revealed that Khalilodjic issued instructions that were described – strange – as he ordered them not to see any of them showing signs of smiling and happiness, as he wanted the players to show their regret and remorse for the fall in front of the Emirates.

  • Jose Mourinho Roma vs Atalanta 2022/23

    Play the clown and dive for penalty kicks”

    The coach – the most controversial in the history of football – Jose Mourinho appears again with his latest exciting statements, as football fans have.

    After Roma’s defeat against Atalanta in the Italian league and Mourinho was sent off for asking for a penalty kick in favor of Nicolo Zaniolo, the star of the Italian capital’s wolves, the Portuguese coach came out at the press conference asking his players to dive into the penalty area in order to get penalty kicks.

    “I have to change my advice to the players, I have to tell them not to try to get on their feet,” Mourinho said. “If we need to start playing clown and pretending to be in the pool and diving in order to get penalties, I will change the training we do.”



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