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Childhood room and a sense of danger .. Mbappe decided to ignore Messi and follow Ronaldo!

Unusually, Kylian Mbappe became the focus of the fans’ attention and at the forefront of newspaper headlines, not for his goals or for his championships and decisive passes, but because of his ongoing crises on and off the field.

The good, shy boy previously admitted a few days ago that he does not mind being criticized and does not care much about this, because it is a normal phenomenon that happens to players of his type

The talk of the 23-year-old may carry some truth because it is the tax of fame, but the recent situations indicate a huge change in the personality of the French star, a change that may threaten his success soon.

We thought that he would be a new version of Lionel Messi, with his calmness and lack of talk, but he decided to be another version similar to Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and others who enjoy the spotlight, even if it is negative

What happens to Mbappe?
Kylian Mbappe France 2022

The French striker was known at the beginning of his career with humility and focus only on what is happening on the field, without causing problems with his statements or actions in any way.

But recently we watched a video of him from last season, scolding his colleague and friend Ashraf Hakimi because of a wrong ball, and he texts him that his apology is not enough! We do not know in what capacity this hadith says

Although he was considered the youngest among the attacking trio Neymar and Lionel Messi, he did not show great respect for them on the field, especially Neymar, who got into a skirmish with him because of the penalty kicks, because he simply believed that he deserved all the advantages in the Princes’ Garden.

Neymar indirectly confirmed his disagreement with Mbappe, when he refused to answer a journalist’s question about the nature of his relationship with his colleague, who at one time was his best friend

The matter did not stop only with Neymar and Hakimi but Leandro Paredes, the Paris star loaned to Juventus, also came out to confirm that he could not talk about Mbappe because he did not know him well and did not have a relationship with him, despite their presence together in the Princes’ Garden for years

Many evidence confirms that Mbappe abandoned his previous image, and became a different player who is not loved by his colleagues, and some accuse him of arrogance and condescension and getting more than his right.

Walking in the footsteps of his example
Mbappe Ronaldo

Perhaps the answer to the question of why Mbappe’s personality changed in the room of the young star in which he grew up before reaching the world of fame as one of the most important players in his favorite game.

His room was filled with pictures of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo and his most important achievements with Real Madrid, the room from which he derived the dream of playing for the Spanish club to follow in his footsteps

Mbappe gave up this dream and refused to move to Real Madrid in the summer, to renew with Paris until 2025, but decided to take him as a role model in his dealings and his personality that shows some arrogance in certain situations.

Ronaldo, at the beginning of his career with Manchester United, and according to the testimony of his colleagues at the time, did not enjoy enormous popularity in the team, because of his desire to show off and evasive without looking at teamwork, as was self-love and personal glory among his most important qualities.


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