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Messi’s return to Barcelona is possible

It seems that the story of Lionel Messi’s return to Barcelona will be the most important in the Blaugrana transfer market next season, as rumors and theories abound in the current period.

The latest statements related to the return of the flea to the Catalan team came through Barcelona Vice President Edward Romeo, who explained that the Argentine’s presence with the Blaugrana is “possible.”

Where he spoke with “El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio” and said that he does not rule out the return of Messi, but this decision is up to the technical staff and the player

What about Messi’s return?

Romero explained that Messi’s return does not have any financial problems, but the club’s decision to negotiate with him is up to the technical staff

“It would be financially feasible because if he came back he would be a free agent,” said Edward Romeo.

He continued: “But it is a decision that must be taken by the technical staff and the player. It does not suit me to take these decisions, but it will be applicable.”

What about the club’s financial situation?

Referring to the club’s financial situation, Romeo asserted that the current board of directors “save Barcelona, ​​but the club is not in good economics yet”.

He added: “There is still a need for austerity and there is a lot of work to be done. I expect that Barcelona will be healthy within five years of our mandate, in the 24-25 season, we will be at the required level.”

In addition, he said that losses next season due to playing in Montjuïc instead of the Camp Nou “will not reach 100 million euros as announced in some places”.

Laporta had announced that Barcelona would move from Camp Nou to Montjuïc next season, temporarily, until the end of the renewal period for the Camp Nou stadium


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