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To save England .. a free lesson from Libby to Southgate before it’s too late!

After many years working in England, a wonderful generation emerged for the England national team with a coach who shared their journey since childhood but reached maturity.

The England national team has been planning this process for years, and we can say that it reaped the fruits of that experience by reaching the World Cup semi-finals as well as the European Nations Cup final.

But is what he achieved the best thing? Is the England national team deserved to reach that position

We may disagree or agree on the extent to which the English deserve this situation, but the thing we may agree on is that this team is currently suffering from several crises that have made it questionable before the start of the next World Cup.

Which makes us discuss the situation of the Three Lions team and try to find out the real reasons behind its decline

Frequent crisis

Once upon a time, in a wonderful time for English football at the level of the team, the English had the most powerful midfield trio in the world without a doubt, there is no doubt that the trio of Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes is incomparable.

But on paper, when talking about the actual work on the field, this was a disaster that could not be resolved, so who could put one of them on the bench? None, so their participation is guaranteed.

But the technical performance was not acceptable, due to the similarity of roles, each of them can perform the same task, but trying to assign the trio to different roles was not comfortable


2014 Lampard gerrard england

Why do we remember that story? Because we live in it now, but with a lesser perspective, perhaps, we are facing a team that has many great names in the same position, but when we put them together in the squad we don’t see any progress in performance.

With the start of each season, there is renewed talk about the right-back position, who will participate? Arnold, James, or Walker? The conversation does not end and the different opinions continue, but the bottom line is that no one performs well from the trio

Then we move to another position which is the winger, we find many competing names, but also there is no strong return, and the same is the case with the midfield position.

The result is that there are distinguished and even wonderful names in each position, elements that perform exceptionally with their teams in various leagues, so what is the problem?

Gareth Southgate to kill the dynamic!

In the 2018 World Cup, I was watching England qualify and go up from one round to another and I don’t understand how? How does this sluggish team reach the semi-finals?

Perhaps one of the reasons for the promotion is that good teams that are not at the top level compete in the knockout stages, such as Sweden and Colombia.

But even these teams at the time were trying to play good football, and the England team was playing in a way where there was no dynamic, but all reliance on set pieces and quick turns.

And let’s get past that tournament and walk together until we reach Euro 2020.

Gareth Southgate England 2021

We will also find that the England national team, in their journey to reach the final, did not face a team from the first level only Germany, and won the meeting that was held at their stadium in Wembley, and the guests were even more dangerous and deserved to win

And let’s leave the numbers and all the competition and look only at the technical performance, we will also find the same lax dynamic style of play, a style that does not correspond to the quality of the players but secures victory in one way or another.

And the conclusion that we will get from all of this is that Southgate does not play football that suits the elements of the team, he does not renew the style of play or even see a player with him who has developed in his individual level.

We’re just seeing old-fashioned ways to get to the goal and rely on set pieces, Harry Kane’s crosses, and wing singles.

We are facing a team that has first-class elements in all positions, and despite that, it plays as if it were in the 90s.

Marcello Lippi and a free lesson

“I was absolutely convinced that I came into contact with people who can make a team, and they can play with each other to the best of their ability. In this day and age you win if you become a team, it does not necessarily mean that you have to have the best footballers in the country, you can not It becomes the best together as a team, you just have to put all the pieces together.”

Those were Lippi’s words after winning the 2006 World Cup, and Southgate may need to find out what the Italian coach said and learn from this easy, simple and free lesson.

Gareth does not need to turn into the English Guardiola or even the Three Lions Club, he just has to know the key to success with the national teams

Lippi was talking about putting the group together and putting them in the best conditions to give their best, and the truth is that’s the most important thing to do with the teams.


Technical and tactical matters take a very important part with the clubs, but with the national teams, the talk is more about creating the right conditions for work, and dealing as a group and a family

For example, Lippi had a star-studded team, of course they are better than the England squad at the moment, but he managed to put each of them in the context that allows him to give his best.

Libby did not work miracles or make an artistic revolution in the World Cup, but knew how to unite that group and put it in the appropriate position.

An easy and simple method in theory, but its practical application requires a huge effort.

Now, Southgate needs that point, he needs to know the best playing context in which his country can shine, and the truth is that’s not difficult for an England coach since 2011.

But it seems that Gareth does not agree with that idea, because his lack of awareness of it all these years means that nothing new will happen, but, everything may change before the start of the World Cup, and we may see England on the podium.


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