City bus attack and smashing .. Guardiola was right in his anger at the Liverpool fans


It seems that Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola’s attack on Liverpool and his fans was not for nothing, after the English Premier League champion claimed the team bus had crashed in Liverpool.

Manchester City was a guest on Sunday at Anfield, the stronghold of Liverpool, at the top of the 11th round of the English Premier League, in which the “Reds” won with a goal without a response, scored by Egyptian Mohamed Salah.

what happened?

The English newspaper “Daily Mail” revealed that Manchester City claims that its team bus was damaged after it was targeted with fireworks when leaving the “Anfield” stadium.

Players and staff heard a crack in the glass as the bus passed on “Anfield” road, a day after Guardiola confirmed that the Liverpool fans threw coins at him.

Manchester City are likely to raise concerns about what happened with their coach with the FA, which is set to study a slew of incidents that occurred on Sunday.

Manchester City staff claimed that the Liverpool fans, who were sitting behind the guest bench, spat on them repeatedly during the match.

What is Liverpool’s reaction?

Liverpool, for its part, and according to the same newspaper, pledged to study the surveillance camera footage to identify the perpetrators.

The Reds are likely to issue a lifetime ban on any fan found to have thrown coins at Guardiola.

What did Guardiola say?

In his post-match statements, Guardiola appeared very angry about what happened in the meeting from the Liverpool fans.

“Next time they will do it right,” Guardiola said when asked about targeting him with coins.

He added, “They didn’t hit me, they tried but they didn’t work, they did it once years ago, but not this time.”

Sunday night was the third time that the Manchester City bus was damaged around the Liverpool stadium, most notably during the two teams’ Champions League match 2018, when stones and bottles were thrown at the bus.

Who will win the Premier League this season


Who will win the Premier League this season?

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