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A warning message from the Premier League .. The popularity of El Clasico is declining against the tops of the English Premier League

On Sunday October 16, 2022, he carried with him many interesting matches in the major European leagues, especially the Spanish League and the English Premier League.

Perhaps the two most important matches on that day were the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona in the ninth round of the 2022-23 season of “La Liga”, and the match between Liverpool and Manchester City at the top of the 11th round of the “Premier League”.

The Great Sunday sparked a state of controversy over the competition between the English Premier League and the Spanish League recently, and the clear superiority of the “Premier League” in the masses, starting with the end of the era of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the “Clásico”.

Tom and Jerry League!

What is always wrong with the Spanish League is the limited competition for the title between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with Atletico Madrid entering intermittently and snatching one or two titles.

The “Tom and Jerry” league, as the media sometimes called it, made the passion lessen to follow the two teams’ matches, in light of the lack of surprises in “La Liga”.

Real Madrid’s clear superiority in direct confrontations with Barcelona, ​​apart from the 4-0 victory of the Blaugrana over the Santiago Bernabeu in the 2021-22 season, increases the lack of fun in the “Clásico”.

The last 10 “Clásico” matches in the Spanish League witnessed a clear superiority from Real Madrid, with a victory in half of them, compared to Barcelona winning on three occasions, and two draws, which shows that the competitiveness in the match is no longer the same.

open competition

On the other hand, the competition in the English Premier League is largely open. It is true that Manchester City managed to dominate the title in recent years, but in almost every season you find a different team competing for the title of “Premier League”.

Between Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United, it is always difficult to predict the outcome of any confrontation between these clubs and each other.

The competition in the English Premier League is noticeably stronger in the English Premier League. It is enough for any senior team to lose against a team from the bottom of the standings, which are almost non-existent surprises in Spain.

Mohamed Salah Liverpool 2022-23Getty

Calm vs. madness!

If you watched the last “Clásico” between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and then changed the channel to watch the Liverpool and Manchester City summit, you will find the clear difference between the Spanish League and the English Premier League.

Calmness prevailed over everything in the Clasico, the behavior of coaches Carlo Ancelotti and Xavi Hernandez, and the calmness of the gameplay during much of the match.

It suffices that the second half, and despite Barcelona trailing with two clean goals in the first half, boredom was completely controlling the confrontation, control from the “Blaugrana”, but without any threat to Real Madrid’s goal.

On the other hand, at Anfield, the situation was quite the opposite, the madness of the masses, the emotions of coaches Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, and a constant quarrel between the players on the field, to the extent that the Egyptian Mohamed Salah lost his nerve and got into a quarrel with the Portuguese Bernardo Silva.

The audience who watched the match on television felt the difference between the two matches, between a boring calm, and an endless enthusiasm, which may affect the image of “El Clasico” for years to come.

The passion for “El Clasico” continues

The Spanish newspaper “as”, a day before the match, confirmed that “El Clasico” will attract about one billion followers live.

Of course, these numbers are not yet confirmed, but what is certain is the low maximum viewership that was concentrated in the first half of the match, as the second half of the “Clásico” coincided with the start of the Liverpool-Manchester City match.

Sky Sports, the owner of the English Premier League rights, revealed last season that the Liverpool-Manchester City match reached a record-breaking mark of 340 million viewers on its screen only.

And you can imagine that this number is from only one of the networks that own the English Premier League rights in the world, not counting pirated viewing as well.

The bottom line

It is certain that “El Clasico” will not lose its prestige as one of the most important and strongest matches in world football, but the decline in the level of Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and the noticeable control of the Royal Club over the match will make it less interesting.

On the other hand, the many summits in the English Premier League will continue to attract fans, and the level of competition in the tournament itself will make things more exciting and anticipated by the fans.

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