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Between exaggeration in discipline and the best for Ronaldo .. Ten Hag entered the history of Manchester United!

No one would have imagined that things between Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United would eventually reach such a dead end.

The player revolts and the club rejects his position and punishes him, and Ten Hag publicly criticizes his actions, all of which did not even cross the imagination of one of them a few months ago.

But after things got to that point, let’s take a closer look at some of the things that have sparked controversy in the past, such as talking about Tin Hag’s exaggeration in disciplining the Portuguese, and who really has the reins in that crisis, Manchester United or the Portuguese star, and some other things?!

Did Tin Hag exaggerate the discipline of Ronaldo?

Some may see that the Dutch coach exaggerated the process of punishing Cristiano Ronaldo after keeping him on the bench for all that period without his help.

But is the man really punishing Ronaldo since the beginning of the season for his request to leave, or did the punishment come only after his recent actions, which reflect negatively on the team?

The truth is that Ten Hag has never exaggerated his latest decision, given that Ronaldo’s departure from the field is a frequent occurrence and has happened before and has gone unpunished, at least publicized.

In the end, Tin Hag has the right to make any decision he deems in the best interest of his team in light of the circumstances surrounding him from every aspect and the renewed challenges.

The man who made history

Tin Hag will always be the man who stopped Cristiano Ronaldo’s ego and made him sit on the bench and even smile at times while on it.

There is some pride in the Dutch coach, who proved the strength of his personality over a star who is the most prominent among all the stars of his generation, especially with regard to pride and self-esteem.

Perhaps it was a little good for the Red Devils, as the man who imposed such a strong personality on Cristiano Ronaldo would not stand in his face as Harry Maguire, David de Gea or any star, no matter his size.

The bigger club or the player?

What happened in recent weeks between Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United, Ten Hag and all parties raised the famous question: Is the club bigger or the player?

In the summer, the answer was in favor of Ronaldo, as everyone expected the Red Devils to submit and let the Portuguese star leave for free to any team or for a small value, but that did not happen.

Again, with the transfers nearing completion, everyone imagined that Ronaldo would gradually return to form Manchester United, and with his return and scoring goals, the fans would forget what happened in the summer, but this also did not happen, and there was a strong message for all members of the team, that whoever wants to leave will not be relied upon. Basically, unless he proves his entitlement to do so.

Some will say what is this madness, what is the truth of that which you are talking about while we are here talking about Cristiano Ronaldo? But here comes the answer to the question. Yes, the club is bigger than the player, and the experience of Manchester United has proven that.

What is better for Ronaldo to stay or leave?

Some will argue that it would be better for all parties if Cristiano Ronaldo leaves the team as soon as possible and that the relationship ends here.

But is this really how Ronaldo wants to end his story at Old Trafford and thus the club seeks to frustrate the masses with a black end to one of their most beautiful stories in history?

If that departure happened to be temporary, but the best for Ronaldo and the beautiful story to continue, even if there have been some pitfalls in recent months.

Ronaldo, if he leaves Manchester United, will not find the place where he gets the minutes he wants and participates in the Champions League, and the stardom he was in years ago, these words we say with complete objectivity and we are talking about a big star who has already lost a lot of his luster.

It is better for Ronaldo to leave everything and end his career in Manchester United, today, tomorrow or even next season, and to continue those months with small roles on the field and large outside it, to lead a new generation of Red Devils towards stardom and podiums with all his experience and great personality.

bottom line

Ronaldo will remain a big star no matter what happens, his history will never be erased, but he has the hand to write a new history in the coming months at Manchester United.

The club has already proven that it has control over this crisis, but persistence in that will not benefit either party, as it is in the hands of the Red Devils to benefit from the remaining months in the player’s contract.

Then Ronaldo will benefit and the club will benefit, the fans will enjoy away from the frustrating atmosphere, and everyone will be a winner.

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