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Ignores them and underestimates them.. Neville, Messi and Ronaldo’s most famous enemies

The great fame and overwhelming success of the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo over the past years, in terms of individual and collective titles.

Despite all this success and popularity, the 37-year-old has some enemies from within the world of football, or so we chose to describe them because of his positions with them.

Below we review, some of the enemies who have an enmity in one way or another with the Manchester United star.


  • Gerard Pique, Barcelona, celebrates goal vs Dynamo Kyiv, Champions League 2021-22Getty

    Gerrard Pique

    The enmity here is natural between Ronaldo and Pique, because of the many confrontations that brought them together in the Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    Pique had previously mocked Ronaldo by imitating his famous “Calma” celebration, which the Portuguese star was famous for for periods.

    For his part, the former Real Madrid player replied, “Even in their celebrations they think of Cristiano Ronaldo.”

  • Koke Cristiano Ronaldo Atlético Real Madrid 19112016Getty


    The Atletico Madrid captain insulted Ronaldo after the Real Madrid and Atletico derby on November 19, 2016.

    Koke described Ronaldo as despicable after Real’s 3-0 victory, so the Portuguese replied, “Despicable yes, but rich.”

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United Tottenham Premier League 2021-22Getty/GOAL

    Alejandro Moreno

    The retired Venezuelan player, who later went on to work as an analyst for the “ESPN” network, criticized Ronaldo on several occasions.

    Alejandro said: “Ronaldo is not good enough for important matches”, which proved his Portuguese opposite in many confrontations.

  • 20211207 Pep GuardiolaGetty Images

    Pep Guardiola

    He did not openly express his hatred for Ronaldo, however, there were some signs that confirm that the Spaniard does not like the Portuguese star.

    There was an incident in the Clasico when Real Madrid was two goals behind, so Ronaldo went to get the ball after crossing the line and pushed Guardiola, who was holding it, trying to waste time.

    The Manchester City coach also refused to shake hands with Ronaldo at the 2013 Ballon d’Or gala.

  • Xavi FC BarcelonaGetty Images


    The current Barcelona coach and former Barcelona player, said on a previous occasion that Ronaldo does not have the same characteristics as Lionel Messi.

    Xavi tried to back off somehow after that, but it’s hard to believe he has no animosity towards Ronaldo.

  • Blatter Fifa 10 11 2014Getty Images

    Sepp Blatter

    The former FIFA president said: “Messi is a good boy that every father and mother wishes, very fast and plays very well.”

    And he added, “As for this other player, “Ronaldo”, tends more towards leadership on the field, yes that’s it, one of them spends more money on styling his hair, but I will not announce who will win the Golden Ball between them, I love both, but I prefer Messi.”

  • Lionel Messi, PSG, Champions League 2021-22Getty

    Lionel Messi

    Spanish journalist Guillaume Balaji previously said that Ronaldo hates Messi and insulted him more than once.

    Messi doesn’t talk much about Ronaldo, but the feud between them during their respective tenures with Real Madrid and Barcelona has undoubtedly caused enmity.

    The constant competition between them for the title of best in the world and perhaps in history, is also considered one of the most important causes of hatred.

  • Vidal InterGetty Images

    Arturo Vidal

    The Chilean midfielder called Ronaldo an idiot in 2017, which reflects the intense animosity between them.

  • Dani Alves Barcelona 2021Getty

    Dani Alves

    The Brazilian defender had previously criticized Ronaldo during his time at Barcelona, ​​saying: “When he wins, everyone talks about it, so he has to deal with defeats as well.”

    And there was another incident when Alves said that he did not know why Ronaldo was competing for the Ballon d’Or on one occasion, only to have the latter refused to shake hands with him at one of the award ceremonies.

  • Antonio Cassano Parma Serie AGetty

    Antonio Cassano

    Former Italian star Antonio Cassano has continued to stir controversy by criticizing Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

    “Cristiano wrote to me via WhatsApp asking me for more respect,” the former Italian striker said in statements to Christian Vieri on Twitch.

    He added: “He asked me to respect all the things he won and the goals he scored, but I am not afraid to tell the truth and face the whole world in my opinion.”

    And he continued, “I asked Buffon how Ronaldo got my number, he told me that he gave it to the media officer of Juventus, so that the latter would send it to Ronaldo.”

    He continued: “Ronaldo told me he scored 750 goals and I’m only 150, so let me send a message to him, Cristiano, what’s your problem? You have everything now. Live calmly and relax and do like Messi who doesn’t care instead of trying to text me.”

  • Jamie CarragherGetty Images

    Jimmy Carragher

    Before the Manchester United match against Liverpool in 2023-2022, Ronaldo deliberately ignored the greetings of Jimmy Carragher because of his criticism of him after the Portuguese tried to leave the Red Devils in the summer transfer market.

  • Gary Neville - Cristiano RonaldoGetty

    Gary Neville

    After months of ignoring Carragher and peace be upon Neville, Ronaldo returned and reversed the verse and ignored his former colleague because of his comments on his departure from the stadium against Tottenham a few days ago.


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