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When will Klopp stop “painkillers” and treat Liverpool’s pain?

The talk does not stop over the past weeks since the beginning of the season about Jurgen Klopp’s failure to manage his team, Liverpool appears in all competitions in a poor and modest manner that is not related to what the German presented in previous years.

Despite the 2-0 victory over Napoli, the problems certainly remain. The victory is mainly moral and does not affect the technical situation in any way.

Therefore, we are trying to find out the reasons, and perhaps we will find the solution on our way to understanding what happened in Liverpool. We are facing an exceptional experience in everything, in its industry, and it seems that it will also be in the collapse stage.

The topic is continued below

Talking about Liverpool’s failure opened the door to discussion about Klopp’s continuation in management or his departure, which is the emotional point that Reds fans do not try to address because they are afraid to put the answer.

The beginning of the fall

Before the start of last season, I thought that Liverpool would fail in all directions early and would not compete for any championship, because the team did not change its skin, did not sign the required names, and did not get rid of the half-players in some positions.

But I was surprised by the performances of coach Klopp’s team, and the continued unbeatenness that the Reds walked for an important period of the season, and we even found Liverpool competing for a historic quartet.

Mohamed Salah Liverpool Real Madrid Champions League final 2022Getty ImagesThe red team competed with Manchester City until the last round of the league championship and was very close to achieving a dramatic title, but lost it in the last minutes thanks to the return of Pep Guardiola’s players.

Of course, we remember together the resounding failure against Real Madrid in the Champions League final, and everyone’s inability to score against goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

It was a tragic end for sure, and therefore I thought that Klopp would do what he had not done before, I expected that he would change the skin of the team and get rid of the mediocre elements in favor of those with the best quality.

I thought Liverpool would go from being an “underdog” to being the champion in every title and trying to be first in every tournament they participate in.

But I collide with reality, and I knew that this scheme was not a priority for the German, as Sadio Mane came out and was replaced by Darwin Nunez, and so the story ended, yes there are some other contracts, but this was the most important contract for the best deal that will enter the starting lineup.

James Milner and Jordan Henderson - Liverpool 2022GettyBut Henderson, Milner, Keita and Chamberlain continue in the midfield naturally, and Klopp did not sign a new playmaker, did not develop the system, he merely filled the box.

The situation is out of control

At the beginning of the season, we knew that Liverpool would not improve the quality of the team, and therefore we will work with what is available and achieve the best possible, and this is what Jurgen Klopp is accustomed to.

The point of distinction of the German coach is his development with events and understanding of his elements and the levels of his players, and thus creates the system that brings out the best in them.

We can learn this from Klopp’s decision to largely dispense with the midfield in the process of exiting the ball, and preferring to scale it through Arnold and Robertson.

Liverpool Trent Alexander-Arnold RobertsonPAUL ELLIS / ContributorWe can also learn this from creating a new position for Harvey Elliott and placing it in a context that allows him to bring out the best in him, and here we understand that Klopp is not as crazy about his ideas as some.

He is neither arrogant nor complaining, but rather he tries to find all available ways to achieve the best shape, and this is what made the German adored by everyone.

But this season, Jurgen has failed to achieve any system that helps his players bring out their best, the beginning was by giving Mohamed Salah many roles related to the play industry and keeping him away from being in the last stages of the field.

And he completed the matter by insisting for a short period of time by playing three in the middle of the field, knowing that the quality of the Reds in this place is very poor.

Then, with the transition to a duo in the half of the field, the problem of the defense returned to Klopp, as the 4-2-3-1 plan was not applied in its usual form, but the defense line was darkened due to the massive increase of Arnold and Robertson and the lack of a sufficient number of coverage.

Thus, we went from problem to problem, and so far Liverpool has not found the solution, because it entered the season without the normal quality.

So imagine what would happen if Klopp got rid of many names in the midfield and brought in new elements of his own choosing with the data and statistics team? Of course the situation was to differ 180 degrees.

Fabinho Liverpool 2022-23GettyThe problem is that the team’s crises are not limited to the tactical aspect only, but there is another dark side, which is the treatment of the players and their belief in Klopp from the ground up, and this crisis is embodied in what is currently happening between Jurgen and his player Fabinho.

The newspapers talk about some skirmishes that took place on the pitch between the duo, and the matter happened more than once and was captured by the cameras, and therefore this shows that the problem goes beyond technical matters, and even reached the psychological aspects.

The situation is out of control in Liverpool from all sides, now we are in front of elements, a coach and a system, but it does not constitute a “team” in the full sense of the word.

Club is the problem and the solution

Reading the current situation of Liverpool, and knowing the problems facing the team, you might wonder, why doesn’t Klopp leave?

Getting rid of the coach is easier than the players, you can’t sell several items and buy others easily, but you can dismiss the coach and bring another coach even in the middle of the season, and this can affect the team’s season positively, and there are several models in support of this.

But in fact, even if we say that Klopp is the one who caused all these problems, we cannot deny that the same man who solved the Reds’ crises earlier, is the main reason for this club’s rise to the top.

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool 2022-23 HIC 16:9Getty/GOALThis emotional point opens the door to the feelings of the fans to say that it is a shame to dismiss Klopp, and we may agree or disagree on that, but we have to remember that this man has solved many previous crises.

The current Liverpool problem is caused in large part by the German coach, and this is a fact, but he is the best man for this task, the best to get the Reds out of the bad situation he caused.

We may accuse Klopp of a lot of things, but losing faith and passion is not one of them, so we know he hasn’t given up yet, and maybe not even in the future.

The truth is that Liverpool’s exit from the current predicament will not be by changing the coach, but by changing his convictions, by leaving his feelings towards those who shared the journey with him until he changes the skin of the elements.

The team needs new names that can offer more, because most of the people in the club at the moment have already finished their journey and can no longer provide the addition.

The solution is in the hands of Klopp, and I do not see otherwise. We may accuse him and say that he is the reason, but we know that it is the key to getting out of the crisis.

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